Angelique TaylorWe are very excited to announce our guest speaker for May, Dr. Angelique Taylor who will be talking about “Perception and Decision-Making Systems for Human-Robot Teaming in Safety-Critical Environments.” 

 In this talk, Dr. Taylor will present recent work on developing perception and decision-making systems that enable robots to team with groups of people. Her core focus is on problems that robots encounter in human-robot teaming, including perceptions of human groups and social navigation, particularly in safety-critical environments. First, she will discuss how she developed computer vision methods that enable robots to detect and track their teammates in real-world environments. Building on this, she designed a social navigation system that enables robots to delivery materials to healthcare workers using acuity-aware image features to incorporate the severity of patients’ health while navigating in the emergency department. This work will help robots avoid interrupting in care delivery. Her work will enable robots to work in safety-critical, human-centered environments, and ultimately help improve patient outcomes and alleviate clinician workload. 

 Dr. Taylor’s bio and more information on her research can be found at 

Please join us on May 14 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm EDT

May’s meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 14 from 4-5 pm EST. All meetings will be held virtually this year. Call in information will be sent with the agenda to all members. If you are interested in attending remotely, email for call in details.

Angelique Taylor is coming to the Pivot Hub meeting in May!